v2.x Users

If you are using e107 v2.x all these themes may be searched and downloaded directly via the admin area.
Go to: Admin > Manage > Plugin Manager > Find Plugins

Latest Plugins

Admin Tools

4xA-UED v0.2
A plugin to get a better overview of the user table and this table to manage effectively.
Spinning Planet's SEO module v1.6
Want to be able to change all your system generated urls to friendly readable ones? .
aa_jQuery v1.4
Includes jQuery at the highest position in the HEAD ...
Advanced XML Sitemap Generator v1.1
this plugin will generate sitemap with news , new categories , downlods , forums , forums post in a
NoFollow v0.3
No, I won't let you steal my PR juice! (`_`)
page_creator v1.1
my plugin tools.
Page Creator (For Noobs) v1.1
Unadvanced, simple and custom file name!
Advanced Report System v1.0
I think the method how to make a report for the user and the method how to moderate the reports for the staff isn't as good as it could be in e107.
Bot v1.2
Your personal "ever taking order" helper


Ante Up v1.0 v2.x Only
An extensive Donation Tracker with PayPal integration
Notice Board v4.0
Features of this version of the plugin Notice-Board:.
Roofdog Donation Tracker v2.7
This plugin enables you to collect donations for your website or project and display a status bar and list of donators.
Smscoin e107 v1.0
This plugin provides your website users paid access to any content on your website.
Shipment Tracker v1.0
Get Tracking Info on your Package !! Search your tracking number through FedEx, UPS, DHL, & USPS.
AACGC Item List v1.4
Item List Plugin allows you to list items with name, details, image, external link, & price in d
AACGC Donation Listing v1.2
Displays Names & Ammount in Year and Month Categories.
Zogo Shop v1.2
Zogo v1.
Auction v1.1
Going... going... gone

Date & Time

Dates v1.5
Add-Show-Edit-Delete Dates
Duty Rota v1.0
Duty rota plugin which links to the e107 event calendar, allowing assignment of particular people to jobs at specific events.
Multi-Clock v1.0
Allow to display multiple numeric clocks in a Menu .
Worldclock menu v1.2
Worldclock menu
Digital Clock Menu v1.0
A simple digital clock menu/panel
E107Analog-RoundClock v1.0
This is my first plugin.
MyTime v1.0
This is a simple analog flash clock.
Simple Pref Menu v1.0
Simple Menu For Store Hours, Meetings, more...
Agenda v1.7
Helping to keep your life in order

Enhancements to the Core system

Nofollow v1.3.0 v2.x Only
An SEO oriented plugin aimed to discourage Dofollow backlink building SPAM in e107 powered websites.
ThemeSwitch v1.0 v2.x Only
Switch your site's theme based on userclass.
Alert BBCodes v1.1
Alert BBCodes
UserClass Show v1.0
UserClass_Show allows you to assign images to each user group created in e107 and show them under the avatar of each user belonging to that class (group).
ShowOnPages v0.1
ShowOnPages allows you to display code on every page of your e107 installation.
Email Site Inbox v2.0
this Plugin will save all the sent email from the contact.php page , you an read , answer , or delet
Corllete Lab Widgets v1.1
Prototype JS Framework Widget Library
Alternate ranks v0.1
This plugin helps the administrators to give/take additional badges/ranks to members.
another_profiles v0.9
Another profiles - the extended e107 user profiles.

File Management

Norwegian language e_classifieds v2.2
Norwegian Language file for e_classifieds 2.2.
File Editor v1.3
This is update to FileEditor plugin some bugs have been fixed..
Messenger Status v1.2
This update to MessengerStatus plugin.I have fixed some bugs.
e_Version Update Checker v1.1
eversion plugin update checker
FilleDownload Plugin v1.1
This is file download plugin.This plugin shows all the files in your download directory without any Admin approval.Upload the file and it will instantly showup in this plugin.
FilleUpload Plugin v1.1
Multiple Upload
WebFTP v1.2
This is WebFTP plugin.Its a FTP client via Web.User can use this client from anywhere in the world to connect to any FTP server.I have tested this version with PHP5.x and MySQL 5.x..


Event Enrollment v1.0
enrollments, administration of compeditors and payments for events
4xA-EMS v0.7
This plugin will allow the member database to search with certain filters.
4xA-Forms v0.1
A Plugin with which one flexibly own forms provide can.
Guestbook v4.0
New version of Guestbook v4.02.
Registration v0.9
configurable plugIn for online tournament registration.
Poll2 v1.0
this plugin is secend poll for web site.
Spoiler v1.0
make a button ander textareas to show spoiler .
Agreement v0.1
A simple form, to make users agree to an item.
Link Request v0.1
"Link Request" v0.


Voice eXeSystem v1.9 v2.x Only
Theme ShortCode Generator for TeamSpeak3, Ventrilo, Mumble, Discord, and many more.
jbClan v3.0
jbClan is a collection of personnel management modules.
ebattles v0.9
AACGC Twitch Stream v1.1
AACGC Attendance List v3.1
List Events For Local Areas or For Internet Events.
AACGC Xfire Stats v1.7
Xfire Stats Plugin that shows all members Xfires on a page and scrolling menu.
AACGC PS3 Stats v1.6
AACGC PS3 Stats plugin uses the API code from PS3 Heros website and allows users to enter their login name and have their PS3 stats and info displayed.
AACGC Clan Listing v2.5
List clans and their info on your website in categories! .
Quotes v1.1
Collect and show quotes


Goto Top v2.0.3 v2.x Only
Add a Goto Top button to every scrollable page.
Metatag v1.3 v2.x Only
This plugin allows you to automatically provide structured metadata, aka meta tags, about a website.
Livetime v0.0.2 v2.x Only
A livestamp.js integration plugin for e107.
Mentions v1.2.0 v2.x Only
An @mention plugin
SimpleMDE v1.1 v2.x Only
e107 integration for SimpleMDE Markdown Editor
Node.js v1.4 v2.x Only
Node.js integration
AnteUp v1.1.0 v2.x Only
An extensive Donation Tracker with PayPal integration
Wrapper v1.1.0 v2.x Only
Wrapping an external page into your website.
Multiple Languages v1.0.1 v2.x Only
Multi-Language tools for e107


Contact Page Extended v1.1 v2.x Only
Contact page extended
Cookies v0.2
Cookies, simple e107 plugin based on jQuery.
AACGC Event Countdowns v1.4
Event Countdown allows you to create events that show on a menu and page with live countdown timer for the closest starting event.
Latest Changes v1.0
Mit “Latest Changes” für e107 behalten Sie immer den Überblick über die wichtigsten Änderungen und Neuigkeiten Ihrer Seite.
AACGC Floating Bar v1.6
Floating Bar that shows on your website, can adjust location from top/left corner.
AACGC Expanding Bar v1.4
AACGC Expanding Bar shows a floating bar at the bottom of your website that expands when a user clicks it.
What v0.2
Site activity package.
News Views Counter v3.0
This Plugin will show the news view counter .
Related News v1.1
Related News plugin for e107.


AACGC Class Roster v1.0
Userclass roster that allows admins to create ranks for userclasses.
AACGC Meeting Planner Addon v1.2
This Is an Addon to the AACGC Meeting Planner.
Teamspeak 3 Menu v1.5
Teamspeak 3 Viewer for e107 Based on TeamSpeak 3 PHP Framework by ScP .
AACGC Meeting Planner v1.2
Meeting Planner plugin that allows you to create meetings in different categories for members to view and join.
AACGC Member Status v1.4
Allows members to enter a custom status in a menu with a time stamp showing how long ago status was posted.Once members has entered a status, the input box is then replaced with their status and a delete button so they can delete their status and enter a
Riches v1.0
Give your user the possibility to declare their riches
te107-AddThis v1.0
This is 1.0 version of te-AddThis Social Bookmaking System made by teEdu Development team.
AACGC Facebook List v1.2
Facebook plugin that shows all members, who have entered their facebook and badge number in their pr
Reviewer v1.6
product reviews


Userlanguage Flags Menu v2.1 v2.x Only
This menu selection allows users to choose the language translation.
Userlanguage Menu v1.5
Allow the user to select their language.
Google Translate AJAX API v1.0
Add Language Translation To Your Website Using Google Translate AJAX API .
Free Translate Menu v1.2
Freetranslate menu

Mailing and Newsletters

Export Emails v1.0
Originally, I started to create this little plugin because of an order, but the order was revoked.
tlibrary v1.0
tlibrary is an update to my other library plugin.
News Mailer v0.0
Allows you to send an email to a selected userclass with an entire months or a select days news items.
Tell A Friend v0.1
Allows you to place a menu item on your page that visitors (read: members) can use to tell their friends about your website.
Newsletter Library v1.3
A plugin to provide a Newsletter Library for those that put them out on a monthly basis.
Contact Form v1.7
Keeping your visitors in touch

Messaging and Communication

FBcode v1.0
Facebook Comments menu .
Social v0.6
A new small plugin based on shortcode {SOCIAL}.
Browser-Update v0.2
e107 Browser-Update
e107 Bookmarking v0.1
e107 Social Bookmarking
AddThis Stack v0.1
Addthis Stack style menu
Visitors Book v1.1
A new and functionable guestbook for e107, working with jQuery and gives the administrator full power of the entrys.
Team Speak 3 viewer v1.0
Allow to scan and display a TS3 server .
Hupsi Share v1.0
Hupsi share Plugin to share Files with member ,there have the same user class.
iphost_menu v1.0
Shows IP and HOST adress of customer watching page..


Wolf jPlayer for e107 v1.0.3 v2.x Only
e107 version of a WordPress Wolf plugin based on the jPlayer jQuery.
Youtube v1.0 v2.x Only
Embed YouTube channels and playlists into e107.
FancyBox v1.1
e107 FancyBox
Simple Image Upload v1.4
This is a very simple alternative to attachment mod.
Image Gallery v0.9
This Plugin allow you to create an image gallery for your site.
Nivo Slider v1.1
Nivo slider menu on your page!
Random Image Menu v1.0
Display a random image (of the .gif, .jpg, or .png formats) in a menu item.
Corllete Lab Gallery v2.1
Simple and powerfull Lightbox compatible Image Gallery + thumb BBcode + User's albums
Sound Menu v3.0
This menu can play a different song for each page, depending on where the viewer is (url address).


D.E.M.S. v0.1
Dynamic Extended Member Search
Browser search Engine v1.0
This Plugin will allow your site users to add a search engine on Firefox or ie7 to your e107 site.
Find Users v1.0
With this simple plugin you can give your visitors the opportunity of searching user details via part of their username
p2p Search v1.0
A Menu that you can search for ed2k links (emule links), and this menu come with a google search to.
Wikipedia Search Menu v1.0
A Menu that you can make a search direcly from Wikipedia Site (Portuguese).
Easy Members Search v1.0
This plugin provide a member search abillity by various criterions.
Google MySite Search v2.0
This plugin will add google site search menu and display the result within the website.
Wikipedia Search v1.0
This is a simple plugin that creates a menu in you e107 which lets you search Wikipedia.
addEngine v0.1
This is a plugin menu for e107 version 1.x


NoCaptcha ReCaptcha v1.2 v2.x Only
Google ReCaptcha for e107.
Visual Captcha v1.0 v2.x Only
Visual Captcha for e107.
Stop Forum Spam v1.0
Introducing SFS, a plugin that cross-references every signup request with the database of stopforumspam.com. This database is a collection of usernames, e-mail addresses and IP-addresses of known spambots.
slideLock alternative CAPTCHA v1.0
slideLock alternative CAPTCHA
Logouter v1.2
Automatic logouter plugin for e107 CMS.
Signup Secure v1.2
Defend you page from bots


Google Analytics v1.1 v2.x Only
Google Analytics
Top Downloads Menu v1.0
Prototype JS Framework Widget Library
Advance Online Menu v1.1
Advance and Simple, how is it possible?
AACGC 3D Globe v1.6
3D Globe Menu that shows location of recent visitors on a Globe with options to set location dot col
AACGC Download Tracker v1.0
Download Tracker Plugin

shows all downloads on your site in a list in abc order with number of ti
AACGC Comments List v1.0
Comment List Plugin

Shows all comments on your website on a page in order from newest to oldest.
Page Stat v1.0
This plugin show number of the news extended visits.
Stats Menu v1.1
Stats Menu .
New Users v1.0
This Plugin Show The 20 of last members ! .