com Chat v1.3

Description:Sherman3D Chat plugin is created with Javascript so
there is nothing extra to install. It features a pseudo
realtime chatting system with adjustable refresh rates and
Auto-focus window chat alert in Internet Explorer. The
Sherman3D Chat is designed to look like an IRC chat and
chat messages appear a line at a time (yes, no ugly whole
frame/page refresh) with the newer lines appearing beneath
older ones and the entire frame scrolling down automatically.
Sherman3D Chat displays members and guests currently online
on your site. It is best used with the GlobalCounter Menu
plugin for E107 also programmed by Sherman Chin (available
for free download at Finally,
Sherman3D Chat has clickable usernames and IP addresses
in case you are the type who likes to know detailed
information and statistics.


Copy the "S3DChat_menu" folder into your e107_plugins directory.
Click on the "Menus" link and activate Sherman3D Chat in any of
your site's area. If you are using a Unix server, please use your
FTP program or host interface to CHMOD (change the file permissions)
all files to 644. Please make sure cookies are turned on in your
Internet browser for use because Sherman3D Chat makes heavy use
of PHP sessions.


Just delete the S3DChat_menu folder - it's simple as that because
this plugin doesn't attempt to mess with your database or do
anything with your E107 installation at all. It's
very self-contained so if you don't like it, simply delete it.


You can change the refresh times of the chat and also tick
the chat alert to make your Internet Explorer Window
receive focus whenever a a new chat message appears.
Tip: Set the Refresh to 60 secs, tick the Chat Alert box
and leave Sherman3D's browser window in the background while
you browse the net. The window will automatically pop to the
front when someone posts a new message in the chat.

Note: Due to server lag,
the online username window might show "Page Not Found".
If that is the case, simply, change the refresh rate and
the chat window will reload. If a Javascript error (yellow
exclamation mark) appears at the bottom of your browser
window or if the chat just acts weird, clicking the Refresh
button on your browser should solve the problem.

If people in the chat try to be funny, clicking on
their usernames will give you further details about
them if they are registered members. If not, clicking
on their IP addresses will give you their Internet
Service Provider (ISP) address so you can report them.
This service is provided by
and sometimes, it will be disabled if there are a lot of
requests from your network/ISP. It usually works again
after a day or so though.

Chat lines are deleted after every 20 lines but they
are only cleared from view after the entire chat is

Please note that the S3DChat_Output.php file is 0 bytes in
length because it is the frame to which the chat is
actually displayed on in your browser after the chat
lines are read from the S3DChat.txt file.

If there is any problem, please e-mail me at:
info at


You can modify the code and re-release but please inform
me first. Support is available at
if you join and post in the forum. Please do not remove
references to anywhere in this plugin. Thank you.


Sherman3D Chat now works in E107 0.7+
It was just a matter of include_once("../../class2.php");
being before the body of the HTML page in E107 0.7+ or
the HTML page body won't load.


Sherman3D Chat should now work on Unix/Linux systems.
It was such a silly problem that kept me up for hours
trying to figure what was wrong because it was working
fine on my Windows host. Apparently, it was the case
of S3DChat.txt being S3Dchat.txt which wasn't a problem
on the Windows platform but is a big deal on on Unix/Linux.
Clicking on usernames also result in details about them being opened in a new window now. Time offset should be fixed as well.
Released:09 Jul 2006 : 07:28PM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher