p_writer v1.1

Description:I wrote this plugin to have a way to display my stories online using e107.

* Overview of stories, optionally grouped on storygroup if admin set this in the preferences
* Click through to chapters in a story (if there is only 1 chapter, that will be shown immediately after clicking story name)
* Links to go to next/previous chapter or return to overview, at the bottom of a chapter
* Admins will see a small eye at the bottom right of each section. Clicking that will take the admin to the edit-mode of the appropriate item:
-- from the story overview to the main admin panel
-- from the chapter overview to edit chapters
-- from chapter content to editing the actual chapter content

* Input and edit of single- or multi-chapter stories
* Genre selection
* Optional storygroups (to group stories of similar content/topic/main character together, e.g. on main character name)
* Story can be hidden from overview (e.g. for a work in progress)
* Show chapter-overview in 1 or 2 columns
* Option to switch to 2 column chapter overview automatically after a certain number of chapters has been reached to avoid lengthy pages.
* Deletion of a story (this also deletes all chapters)
* Manual ordering of story sequence inside a storygroup
Released:24 Jul 2010 : 02:52AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher