Tooltip Words v1.0

Description:This plugin allows you to create a list of words with tooltip so when you use the words sitewide, there is a Question Mark icon beside the word(s). When hover over the word(s), the tooltip appears like title= or alt= in your browser. A "help" pointer also appears with your cursor. Nothing fancy, but it works for me. Please read the readme.txt file.

Demo can be seen here:

I can't claim credit for this plugin. OK, may be 5% of it. 95% credit goes to jalist and the e107 dev team. The plugin is substantially based on the core plugin, Linkwords. I've basically adapted the scripts for this plugin. Tested in v0.7.7 with Firefox and IE6

Hope it works for you!
Released:25 Jan 2007 : 07:39AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher