AACGC Welcome Menu v2.2

Description:Welcome Menu for website members to see all their info and stats. Admin panel with options to enable and disable whats stats are shown.

Supports the Krooze Arcade Plugin, Gold System 4.x + Gold Addons including Lottery, Presents, assets, etc.., AACGC Ribbons and Medals, and other plugins.

Added Sept. 12, 2009:
Realtime Clock with settings
Option for special theme that uses different classes for table columns

Added Sept. 27th, 2009:
Option to show battle stats button if battle addon installed for users to view their battle stats (user must enter their battle ID# in the profile settings)
Cleaned up the animated army guys welcome image for better quality

Added Sept. 28th, 2009:
Admin Link beside user links only visiable if links enabled and member is admin.
Released:10 Nov 2009 : 02:41AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher