Clan Members Basic v1.0

Description:With this plugin you can show your clan's members.
They can be divided over the games/teams your clan playes.

Two listing styles: List or Blocks (view screens)
You can add games and teams, with a banner image and icon
When you click on the game/team image, the list slides open or closes
You can choose which info about the members you want to show
Members can be allowed to change their info and upload their image
You can choose to use games or teams

This is the basic version, you can get the full version here
The full version includes features as:
Ranks, Rank Images
Member Profile
Member's Gallery
Hardware Profile
Rank per Game/Team
Ability to order games, teams, members (by Activity, Rank and Username), list items, profile items...
Link with clan wars (Last Wars & Amount of Wars can be shown per user)
View options: Games, Teams and Contact List
Released:09 Sept 2011 : 04:45AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher