Jinzora v2.7

Description:Really nice plugin that works in e107 or as standalone. Make sure to read the INSTALL.txt file after extracting. I am not the author of this plugin. I tested it and it works for me. Had to repack tar.gz as zip to upload the plugin so let me know if there are problems with that.

Below is the base description from the Jinzora site.

Jinzora Media Server

Jinzora is the ultimate web based media streaming and management system.

Streaming your media with Jinzora gives you quick and easy access to your online music and video collection from any device with a web browser.

Enjoy your media from your PC, notebook, PDA, Smart Phone, Xbox, PS3 or Wii.

Use Jinzora in Jukebox Mode to control a hardware device like your stereo set, Squeezebox or Audiotron and third-party software, including MPD, VLC and Shoutcast.

Jinzora Web Site: http://en.jinzora.com/

Updated because original zip file was repackaged incorrectly or plugin doesn't support UI upload. This plugin will not install through the e107 upload system. It must currently be extracted to your server and install script ran via link added to your site links. Working on getting it working through UI. Version is just update of custom package and original can be downloaded from author web site.
Released:21 Mar 2008 : 08:56AM
Author:The Box
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher