AACGC 3D Globe v1.6

Description:3D Globe Menu that shows location of recent visitors on a Globe with options to set location dot colors and menu title. Comes with 3 menus, 1 with detailed location with lable and 1 with no detail just dot locations, and 1 2D map menu. Also each with size adjustments.

3D Globe and 2D map are rendered from Revolver Maps

PLEASE report any problems at AACGC!

Fixed issue for globe render
code option added
added 2D map menu
added Full size Globe and Map Page

Added Oct 10, 2009:
Fixed issue of not keeping settings

Added Nov 1, 2009:
Statistic Logging (SL) Compatibilty
Option to show SL on each menu
Changed layout

SL - Shows website counter on all menus, only 2D map shows page counters rest show website counter only

Added Nov. 9, 2009:
Compatibility Mode - For users that have problems with globe tracking users even after code entered.
Released:10 Nov 2009 : 11:05AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher