Worldclock menu v1.2

Description:Version 1.2

This menu makes it possible to simply display the current time of the website and it will count aswell. No static time, but an actual working clock. It shows the viewers local time, and the time of the website.

You won't have to calculate for each timezone anymore, just make appointments based on the websites time and people will be able to check for themselves what time it would be. You can also add multiple timezones.

Normally a clock that counts is based of off javascript so it is not possible to have a timezone clock, because each person that looks at your website comes from a different place with a different time. Now, the time is based of off the website host, so it is static for every viewer! You can then offset the website hosts clock on the script and voila, you have a timezone clock.

I hope you enjoy the plugin!

NOTE: You can change the color of the greeting messages in the greetings.js
Released:16 Jan 2011 : 05:03AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher