AACGC Meeting Planner Addon v1.2

Description:This Is an Addon to the AACGC Meeting Planner.

Iv been working on a small menu plugin for this guys meeting planner plugin and iv finally finished. its nothing to snazzy but im still learning so i wanted to try out my skills. Anyway Iv created a Menu plugin that can be added to AACGC's Meeting Planner that will add the ability to put a Countdown Menu on your website. It grabs the most recent
event and starts a countdown till the start of that event. The menu itself shows both the Server Time as well as the countdown to the websites next event. Days and Hours will disappear when they reach zero leaving just the min left. I figured there was no need for days and hours to say 0. They are also color coded(the times) meaning they start out as Green text, when the Days disappear the text turns Yellow, and finally when the Hours disappear the text turns red.(Think Of A Stop Light[Reversed lol]) Iv also did my best to make the file look as clean as possible with some added comments to explain certain areas(in case someone wanted to edit it.) This is my first try at making any type of
plugin(menu button whatever). Iv mostly just modified almost all of my current plugins to work for my clan. Iv did some testing and everything seems to be working just fine so hopefully there should be no problems. I had a hard time trying to figure out the Unix time and how to get it to display properly in EST. i believe i managed to get it to work
as it is working perfectly on my site. Hopefully you guys like it and any tips or suggestions let me know. I think iv typed enough, il leave a link to download the Menu Plugin Below.
Install should be simple... Just place the file in the /aacgc_mp/ "Directory". You may also have to re-scan the plugins directory as well by going to your admin panel, clicking
"Database" and then selecting "Scan Plugins Directory".
Download File
Released:21 Sept 2011 : 12:26AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher