AACGC Member Status v1.4

Description:Allows members to enter a custom status in a menu with a time stamp showing how long ago status was posted.Once members has entered a status, the input box is then replaced with their status and a delete button so they can delete their status and enter a new one. Custom status will show in the member status menu, forums, & AACGC alt profiles v5.8 or higher if enabled.

Added Oct 3, 2009:
Page that shows all members status
option to set input area hieght and width on menu and page
option to show scrolling member status list on menu

Added Dec. 22, 2009:
Fixed auto refresh issue
removed chatbox feature until issues are fixed

Added March 19th, 2011:
Language file (users can now translate to other languages)
Option to allow BBcode in status
Option to use theme's style.css for looks
Option to show status in profiles
Reorganized pages and menu
Includes default avatar image that shows when users have no avatar (if avatars enabled)
Released:20 Mar 2011 : 07:06AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher