fileNice v1.0

Description:This is a plugin based on fileNice ( and is basically a remake of the code to fit e107. This is a pretty buggy version and needs some work.
What this plugin is good for: File Sharing, Code development (show your work in a CVS type format).
What is it?
fileNice is a free php file browser, particularly useful if
you have a 'dump' folder on your server where you regularly
upload files and you want to be able to see what's there.

Folder specific slideshows of images (without page reloads).
File details
Send to Flickr
Folder comments
Prefs based sorting

Upload the ziped file into your e107_plugin folder and then upload all the files and folders you want in the "fileNice" folder.

Not documented yet but it's pretty easy. There's one css file
and one php css file which generates the icon list (if you
want custom icons for certain filetypes).

Please send bugs and suggestions to stuff |a|

Thanks for your interest.

Tech stuff:
It's written in php and javascript using so-called Ajax techniques which really just speeds it up and allows for user feedback when the app is busy. It doesn't require any databases.

Like fileNice?
Like fileNice but too cheap to donate? No worries! Help us out by spreading the word, link it up on your blog or whatever.

Q. How do I add new file types?
Open up the file fileNice/prefs.php and add it into the appropriate array for the type of file you are adding.

Q. How do I add custom file icons?
Drop your icon into fileNice/skins/default/icons and then open up the file fileNice/skins/default/icons.php in a text editor and add your icon file to the $icons array.

Q. Can file nice produce UBBcode for me?
One day it will, once I've finished working on another niceApp.

Q. Why doesn't fileNice like files with spaces in the name?
Because fileNice is for browsing files on a webserver and you shouldn't put spaces in filenames on a webserver. However I have noticed people using fileNice for a lot of things it was never intended to do so this is on the list of things to fix.

Q. How do I add folder descriptions?
Create a text file called fComments.txt with your description in it and drop it in the folder. Easy.

Q. Why the double slash in the paths?
It's a legacy thang, I'll get round to fixing it sometime.

Known Issues:
- Images Doubling Up
- Favicon.ico Dissappearing
- Logo issues

I think thats everything help will be offered below thank you for using my plugin
Released:07 Nov 2006 : 12:01PM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher