Battlefield 2 BFHQ Stats v1.4

Description:It should also work on e107 v6+ too.
If you uninstall this or BF2 Sig Gen version it WILL Delete the Database that they Both use.
Make sure you take a copy of the table bf2_users before uninstalling one of the plugins so that you don't loss every ones settings.

YOU MUST ADD AN Extended User Fields via the Extended User Fields menu in e107 Admin section BEFORE UPGRADING / INSTALLING THIS.

Field name: bf2PiD
Field text: BF2 PiD
Field Type: TextBox
Field include text: class=\'tbox\' size=\'10\' maxlength=\'10\' class=\'tbox\' size=\'10\' maxlength=\'10\'
Applicable: Members
Write access: Members

All Clan members must be added to a User Class called 'CLAN' and have the PiD filled in to display on Clan Ladder.

v 1.41
Fixed - EA Search for your PiD via your Nick

v 1.40
Added new 1.4 patch map - Road to Jalalabad

v 1.20
Improve clan ladder now can have as may as you want via user Extensions (first time used it may be slow to get all the info)
New fields added into the database for clan cache and for next version of stats.
Removed clan lists from admin section
Added clan cache time to admin menu
Clan now defined by have a User class called 'CLAN'

v 1.17 to 1.19
minor fixes and changes (Not released to public)

v 1.16
Added AF maps & Wake Island 2007 stats are back

v 1.15b
Fixed issue with clan tags that use <> in them.
Fixed issue with the higher ranks not showing the correct % on the bar on the Small medal screen.

v 1.15
Fixed issue with layout when a player has not played in a month and has been removed from EA Leaderboard.
Overall Accuracy added to stats.

v 1.14e
Euro forces map names Added
Euro Forces Stats Added

v 1.14
Fixed issue in config screen (You will need to set your defaults again).
Add clan list option to config screen.
Added new menus that you can use(These can slow your site loading if stats site is slow)
Menus: Top 20 Global score
Top 20 Commanders
Top 20 Team Work
Top 20 Combat
Your Clan Stats

The new Clan Stats can be used as a Menu (which could slow your site) or you can use it as a link to a more detailed version (add to site links /e107_plugins/ bf2stats_menu/ bf2clan.php).

v 1.13a
Now you can use your Nick to find your stats(it will look in its Database first then if you are not in there it will then search for your PID)

v 1.13
New Unlock weapons added
Removed Wake Island from stats as EA have removed.
Added new Ranks


Released:01 Sept 2006 : 08:13AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher