Library management system v1.0

Description:It is a big application to control large volumes of sharing documents in a real world environment.
You can set who can borrow documents, the staff group, length of the loans and quantity.
Using AJAX to search through large database of documents.
Control permanency group, who can manage the library, etc.

This was my first big BIG plugin, it's been used since september 2006 in a real environment and apparently no big bugs did come out (or at least nobody seen them), you can see the plugin in action here : (look for Bibliothèque)

You can also use it to share your DVD between friends or else.

See much more documentation here :

IMPORTANT ! I translated this document from French to English after working many hours on it's inter-operability between different website (I created this plugin for a particular organization), so the english translation is NOT the best I know. If you want to work on it, be my guest !

Gestion de Bibliothèque
Une extension pour gérer les prêts d'une réelle bibliothèque. Vous pouvez sélectionner les usagers et les gestionnaires. Utilise le AJAX pour rechercher dans de large base de données.

I'm really proud of this BIG application.

Please leave any reported bugs, suggestions, blame at
I won't reply to the comments in here.
Released:12 Feb 2007 : 09:20AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher