Corllete Lab Gallery v2.1

Description:WARNING!!! Corllete Lab Gallery v2.13+ requires at least e107 v0.79

This plugin is using the popular and powerful phpThumb library.

Live demo

Upgrade instructions:
For those who are upgrading - just overwrite your existing installation and hit the Upgrade button (Plugin Manager area)

Download Corllete Lab Gallery Language Pack
(Bulgarian, English (by default), Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Norwegian, Russian)

Improvements and New Features by versions:
v2.14 Stable
- Added support for external shadowbox.js
- Removed Lightview support (no backward compatibility)

v2.13 Stable
- Added template flexibility to all supported menus (start|end|row_start|row_end|item|sparator)
- Added number of items per row option for menu lists

v2.12 Stable
- Random Pictures menu added - no permissions (db) checks, just reads/shows storage folder (don\'t use on huge galleries!)
- New functionallity - themes can now override menu template files (THEME/templates/sgallery/...)

v2.11 Stable
- e107 v0.7.13+ compatibility issues solved (e-token security)
- Wrong error handling: empty error message with no error report on upload with NO_RESIZE option, reported by DBS Designs (Craig Frazee) - big thanks

v2.10 Stable
- Bugfix - update phpThumb to v1.79
- Improvement - ereg()/ereg()i removed from phpThumb API (php 5.3+ deprecated errors)
- Improvement - split() removed from phpThumb API (php 5.3+ deprecated errors)
- Bugfix - fixed ImageMagic version detection function (phpThumb) which was breaking the whole script if ImageMagic is not available
- Improvement - server check (administration) php 5.3+ compatibility
- New feature - latest pictures menu added
- New feature - sgal_multirand_menu option to show random thumb or main image - constant (boolean) SGAL_RAND_SHOW_MAIN_PIC
- minor bugfixes

v2.09 Stable
- possible conflict with external phpThumb libraries fixed
- image extension auto-detection added

v2.08 Stable
- Fix - typo parse error (e_bb)
- Fix - lightview/shadowbox compatibility issues
- Fix - all menus - lightview/shadowbox compatibility issues
- Improvements - added help comments to all menu templates
- Fix - English language files converted to UTF without BOM
- Reported issue \'Missing menus for public users\' investigated - not a bug, wrong visibility settings combination

v2.07 Stable
- CL Widgets v1.0.3+ compatibility
- Lightview v1.0.3 widget compatibility
- Shadowbox v1.0 widget compatibility
- Minor bugfixes
- WYSISWYG support

v2.06 Stable
- Minor Bugfixes
- New features - \'Latest picture\' list access permissions
- New features - New \'Latest picture\' link shortcode available - {SGAL_LATEST_PICTURESLINK}
- New features - Full Lightview support (Corllete Lab Widgets)
- Update - Lightbox support is dropped.

v2.04 beta - v2.05 stable
- Album picture order settings (General Settings - Image Settings)
- Dutch language added (thanks Heuveltje)
- Norwegian language added (thanks jobar)
- update of phpThumb library to v1.7.8
- Windows Publish now available for Vista users
- The last modifications translated in French (marj)
- new plugin logo images (stoewarius)

v2.03 beta
- Improvements - French language (marj)
- Bugfix - gallery upload handler - duplicate file error
- Removed the old gallery upload handler (delete the 0 size file in your sgallery/includes folder)

v2.02 Beta
- Windows Publish supports now multi-language
- \'Latest picture\' list page (gallery.php?latest) - list all images sorted by date
- Sort album\'s picture by file date or file name (ASC or DESC) feature
- "Download Windows .reg" link available as an admin menu now

- User\'s albums (filesize limits, visibility/access/site categories permissions, admin approval, \'My albums\' area)
- Galleries and Albums description
- Galleries and Albums preview count
- Watermark image
- e107 Search - title and description, advanced search
- Search template - overwrite it in theme.php
- Notify (admins - on user submit, users - on admin approval)
- Front page (integrated in core administration module \'Front Page\')
- Windows Publish Tool (Batch image upload)
- Album user rating and rate permissions
- Album comments and comment permissions
- New/Recent albums page/menu
- Random/Recent user albums menu (menu template, control over thumb sizes, number of items, random/recent type)
- Offsite thumbnailing
- Server check - analyzes (colorized) your settings (phpThumb.config.php and server/PHP)
- AJAX for less server load
- Built in text/HTML truncate UTF8 support (requires UTF8 class Library - download from
- Languages - French (thanks marj), Russian (thanks CAM), German (thanks blacky), English (thanks 2dopey), Bulgarian

- Multi-upload option
- After upload resize options
- Tree structure (Galleries, Albums)
- Auto thumbnailing (on the fly) - full control from the admin area settings
- Image cache - built in thumb caching (phpThumb)
- Fully customizable - templates, css can be altered from the current theme
- BBcode DHTML Window (Lightbox style) - choose from albums / image list in advanced mode
- Lightbox integration - lightbox picture preview if e107 plugin Lightbox is installed, otherwise popup is used
- Self resized js popup for picture preview (phpThumb) - used only if Lightbox plugin is not installed
- Thumb BBcode - you can use sitewide (fully integrated with lightbox plugin)
- Advanced NextPrev method - "jump to page" js
- Random Image menu
- Random/Recent Galleries Multi Menu - number items settings in Admin Area templates full control from current theme.php (image size, random or recent etc.)
- Random/Recent Albums Multi Menu - number items settings in Admin Area templates full control from current theme.php (image size, random or recent etc.)
- Library mode
- Developer tools (alpha release) - call image upload/resize form/actions in your plugins
- W3C XHTML compliance

If you decide to use another Gallery plugin, You can install and use thumb BBcode ONLY. Just delete the Gallery link from your Site links administration and disable your gallery from admin area - your site performance will not suffer at all. sitewide - now works with external images (see administration / settings)
You can use
{ e_IMAGE }, { e_FILE }, { e_ADMIN }, { e_THEME }, { e_PLUGIN }Thumb button will be added to the e107 bbcode toolbar. You can sue BBcode DHTML Window (Lightbox style) and choose from album image list/other locations in advanced mode.


[ thumb]{ e_IMAGES }newsimages/my_very_big_pic.jpg[ /thumb]Default use of thumb BBcode - will produce the default size (admin area options) thumb with link to the my_very_big_pic.jpg image. Lightbox will be used if it\'s installed, otherwise js popup will be used.
[ thumb=120,90,C]{ e_FILE }downloadimages/my_very_big_pic.jpg[/ thumb]More advanced example - thumb default size will be overridden (width=120, height=90). The "C" parameter activates Force Aspect Ratio (FAR) - the thumb will be exact 120x90 (with background color set in the admin area); the original Image aspect ratio will be ignored.

[ thumb=120]{ e_THEME }images/my_very_big_theme_pic.jpg[ /thumb]If FAR (admin options) is set you\'ll get thumb 120x120, otherwise thumb with max 120 width and 120 height will be rendered (respect the original picture aspect ratio)

[ thumb=120|title|group|float]{ e_FILE }/public/my_very_big_pic.jpg[ /thumb]Exact as above - all the other parameters are the well known Lightbox parameters

CL Gallery - Design stuff
CSS: Open style.css for example what gallery classes you can add to your theme.css

Templates: Copy sgallery_tmpl.php, sgallery_manager_tmpl.php and sgallery_search_tmpl.php (templates/ folder) to your theme folder. Look at the defines at the top of the template file and read carefully the comments. There are settings in the admin area important for your design too (items per row, items per page, image sizes etc.).
You can now override thumbnail dimensions direct in your template (shortcode parameters - see examples in template files).

Copy content of sgallery_galrand_tmpl.php, sgallery_multirand_tmpl.php, sgallery_rand_tmpl.php, sgallery_urand_tmpl.php to your theme.php to control the corresponding menus. Read the help tips in your admin area to learn what additional stuff can be used in theme.php (defines controlling size,far etc)

Special Thanks!
James Heinrich who has made the most powerful image handling library ever - phpThumb

2dopey (lot of fixes in the English translation)
marj (French translation and English fixes)
CAM (Russian translation)
blacky (German translation)
Heuveltje (Dutch language)
jobar (Norwegian language)

Beta testing team (marj, kenboldt, SimpleOne79, CAM, haico, joneskenen and many others)

Developed by Corllete Lab © 2006-2007 Corllete ltd. under the GNU GPL (
Released:30 May 2012 : 11:40PM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher