Lightwindow v1.0

Description:Lightwindow is near lightbox but better he can show every files in a window

# Supports EVERY Media type and renders it appropriatly.
# Better Animations!
# All video/media bugs have been resolved!
# More functions for you to access!
# Major improvements to IE!
# Create your own custom overlays including transparent patterns!
# Galleries [Anything can be a gallery, the only limitation is your theme and markup]
# You can create your own theme including markup/css/animations.
# Automatically detects media and source.
# A variety of parameters are available to further customize the experience.
# Window will fit content fetched! Excludes i-frame content!
# The window is perfectly centered on the screen by default or you can set its position!
# You can set a title with the title attribute.
# The caption and details are dynamically sized to fit the content.
# Multiple Galleries are allowed with a Menu on the Galleries.
# All windows will shrink to fit the screen including Image Sizes (Though in some cases its not recommended, i.e. fixed sized windows)
# Submit Forms via the window.
# ANY Character is supported with the exception of '[' & ']' (These are used to delineate categories for galleries)
# author, caption, title, and params (Added for this library) attributes are supported
# Click anywhere on the overlay to close the window or the ESC key. Optionally you can create your own close links or enable the title bar and use that close link.
# Instantiate a window on the fly instead of on page load.
# Create a window on the fly!
# Flash is resized to fit window (even if lightwindow_width and lightwindow_height are passed).
# Control or launch windows from an iframe!
# This core library can be used to recreate and look and feel you have seen before!

// The file types resepctive to their actions
fileTypes : {
page : ['asp', 'aspx', 'cgi', 'htm', 'html', 'pl', 'php4', 'php3', 'php', 'php5', 'phtml', 'rhtml', 'shtml', 'txt', 'vbs', 'rb'],
media : ['aif', 'aiff', 'asf', 'avi', 'divx', 'm1v', 'm2a', 'm2v', 'm3u', 'mid', 'midi', 'mov', 'moov', 'movie', 'mp2', 'mp3', 'mpa', 'mpa', 'mpe', 'mpeg', 'mpg', 'mpg', 'mpga', 'pps', 'qt', 'rm', 'ram', 'swf', 'viv', 'vivo', 'wav'],
image : ['bmp', 'gif', 'jpg', 'png', 'tiff']
// Mime types for the file types
mimeTypes : {
avi : 'video/avi',
aif : 'audio/aiff',
aiff : 'audio/aiff',
gif : 'image/gif',
bmp : 'image/bmp',
jpeg : 'image/jpeg',
m1v : 'video/mpeg',
m2a : 'audio/mpeg',
m2v : 'video/mpeg',
m3u : 'audio/x-mpequrl',
mid : 'audio/x-midi',
midi : 'audio/x-midi',
mjpg : 'video/x-motion-jpeg',
moov : 'video/quicktime',
mov : 'video/quicktime',
movie : 'video/x-sgi-movie',
mp2 : 'audio/mpeg',
mp3 : 'audio/mpeg3',
mpa : 'audio/mpeg',
mpa : 'video/mpeg',
mpe : 'video/mpeg',
mpeg : 'video/mpeg',
mpg : 'audio/mpeg',
mpg : 'video/mpeg',
mpga : 'audio/mpeg',
pdf : 'application/pdf',
png : 'image/png',
pps : 'application/mspowerpoint',
qt : 'video/quicktime',
ram : 'audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin',
rm : 'application/vnd.rn-realmedia',
swf : 'application/x-shockwave-flash',
tiff : 'image/tiff',
viv : 'video/vivo',
vivo : 'video/vivo',
wav : 'audio/wav',
wmv : 'video/x-ms-wmv'
Released:08 Apr 2008 : 08:06AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher