another_profiles v0.9

Description:Another profiles - the extended e107 user profiles.

Some features:
- Video and image galleries with private albums
- Avatar selection option from image gallery
- Imagick and GD support
- Lightbox, LightWindow, CL Widgets, and ClearBox support
- ClearBox included
- User profile, image and video comments
- Friends system
- Profile background music
- Profile statistic
- Option for users to unsubscribe
- New members list; business card or other pretty layout with lots of information
- Very useful user search and advanced search options
- User top lists

- Informative profile menu
- Following of profile, video and picture comments
- Last changed profiles menu

Compatible with the e107 v0.7.11 - v0.7.26 versions.

If you wish to use this version with e107 v0.7.26 rc1 (or svn), please edit e107_admin/ver.php.
Change 0.7.26 rc1 to 0.7.26
or 0.7.26 svn to 0.7.26
Released:07 Aug 2011 : 12:00AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher