Advance Online Menu v1.1

Description:Version 1.1:
- Added a new option in Admin Configurations: Show / Hide IP of Guests for Everyone (But is always visible for Admins)
- Fixed JavaScript problem!

RC 1 Fix:
- Guests viewing page was messed up

This is a new version of the usefull "Online Menu". This got its own style, as all my other plugins.

This is a bit more configureable then other "Online Menus", and it uses a simple JavaScript code to show and hide parts of the menu. It uses 2 JavaScript functions for that.

It show a configureable number of Newest Members and Latest Seen. Also current online Members and Guests, in a very fancy design. You can also see Other information to find out more about the Members activity of your site. Like Total Number of members, Most online and stuff like that.

- More Admin Options
- More stuff in Other Information (Ohh, yes)
- Dynamic Online Update? (Got an idea on how? Tell me in forum!)

Hope you enjoy this plugin as much as I do. I love using it on my site!
Released:19 Feb 2010 : 12:00PM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher