Quiztopia v3.0

Description:Thought i better do an update to one of my weaker plugins
This new version is alot better than the last, the admin now doesnt need to anything really, its all automated.

* Now compatible with new gold system by Father Barry and still the original
* Code Breaker and Word Game have multiple games and when one has ended a new one is selected randomly.
* Fixed cheating issue in Sudoku
* Moved Word Scramble list into a preference setting to avoid using text files.
* Added history of previous winner into code breaker. Also added feature to stop previous winner playing in next game - This is to prevent cheating.
* Added admin options to turn on or off selected games.
* Moved all English into language file.
* Rewritten pretty much everything to be more efficient.
* Plus loads of other small things.

* Fixed Installation Issues
* Fixed Word Scramble problems
* Added Sudoku

* First Release
* Includes 3 gambling games
Released:11 Sept 2008 : 07:48AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher