e107_netquery v0.0

Description:access monitoring & log management,
spambot \"bad behavior\" screening,
geoIP & top countries usage mapping,
multidomain & IP/AS whois lookups,
autodiscovery for whois TLD server,
DNS and Dig (ANY, SOA, NS, MX) queries,
email address format & MX validation,
port check with services lookup option,
HTTP HEAD and GET requests,
ICMP pings (local and/or remote),
traceroutes (local and/or remote),
looking glass router interrogation,
updateable geoIP & ports data paks,
user inputs with admin notice & approval,
multi-instance sideblocks in CMS editions,
admin selectable CSS stylesheet oprions,
full W3C XHTML 1.1 & CSS compliance.
Released:05 Aug 2008 : 02:12AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher