Corllete Lab Feature Box v1.0

Description:Demo - dynamic left-right sliding feature box (Prototype JS)
Download Demo e107 Theme v1.1 (demo link above)
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CL Feature Box Tutorial

This is an advanced version of the core Feature Box module.
It\'s is aimed to give more flexibility to theme developers and of course of your own site content.
This plugin is developed to be used from theme developers at first place (theme developers series).
However it can also be used as ordinary e107 plugin without theme support (fbox menu).

Some Features
- built-in menu ajax support
- theme developer tools (see readme.txt)
- page filter
- page match
- overall and per item visibility permissions
- per item template
- per item image
... and many more.

v1.0 beta
- Bugfix - bug #3 (wrong image path)
- Bugfix - wrong function namespace

v1.0 RC2
- Bugfix - fatal error

Theme Developers Info
It\'s very easy to implement this plugin in your theme - just add { FBOX } shortcode somewhere in your theme. You have the full control over the content and layout with the provided shortcode and its parameters. Read this HOW TO for more detailed information

Templates are read from two locations \'fbox/templates/\' and \'current_theme/fbox/\'. Theme templates will override plugin templates with same name. Read this \'HOW TO\' for more detailed information

In your theme you can use or not the javascript (ajax) provided with this plugin - it\'s your choice. NOTE - don\'t load fbox_switch.js by yourself (e.g. theme_head()) - this can lead to conflicts with fbox_menu. All you have to do is to put the following in your theme.php: define(\'FBOX_JS\', true); Read this \'HOW TO\' for more detailed information

Download Demo Theme
SonicE has developed demonstration theme. It shows advanced usage of both CL User Style and CL Feature Box plugins. You can download it here -
NOTE - this theme is build and will be developed further only with demonstration proposes, so please don\'t make any requests.

License and Copyright
Corllete Lab\'s Feature Box (e107 plugin)
Copyright ( C ) 2008 Corllete ( R ) Lab - Corllete ltd. under GNU GPL (
Released:16 Jan 2008 : 07:25AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher