Alternate Banlist v1.0

Description:A new method to ban members, includes other useful features too.

Version 1.0
* Send Warnings to members
* Displays last warning sent when sending warnings
* Ban members from cetain sections/all of the site for a set period of time
* Compare account details
* View list of all accounts logged into by one member or certain IP address
* Visible ban page, instead of just a blank page
* When banned from site, plugin adds the suffix [Banned] to their username which gets removed when ban time is up

Do not click ban in the admin users dropdown box like you would normally, instead come to this plugin.Will soon support that but doesnt at the moment.

The private messaging system is required for sending warnings, normal banning will still work without.
Released:30 Jan 2008 : 11:04AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher