Corllete Lab Widgets v1.1

Description:Shadowbox widget implements in the most beautiful way the popular Shadowbox.js to your e107 site.

- Control every Shadowbox.js setting from within widget's settings page
- Corllete Lab Gallery integration
- We invented the AJAX BBcode user interface - try it, I know you will like it
- Enjoy better performance - all Javascript code used by Shadowbox is compressed and sent in one single browser call
- We've greatly extended Shadowbox - AJAX and InlineHTML players were added for showing XMLHttpRequest and inline content (in a much more better way)

Free e107 Javascript Syntax Highlighter Widget, which is replacing your system [ code ] bbcode. This widget uses SyntaxHighlighter JS by Alex Gorbatchev

Syntax Highlighter Widget is doing its job on the client side (visitor's browser) unlikely the officially supported by e107 Geshi highlighter which is parsing the code content on the server side (PHP).

For more details and feature list, please check the Extended details section.

Blank Simple widget is exactly what it says - a start point for your own Widgets. It demonstrates:

- How to build your own widget package (structure)
- How to use built-in helper handlers of Corllete Lab Widgets plugin
- How to build widgets' back-end pages
- How to build widgets' front-end pages

Download Syntax Highlighter Widget

If you need more details, please check the 'Extended details' section.

Download Syntax Highlighter Widget

Installation instructions:
1. Hit Upgrade button on Plugin Manager page
2. Go to CL Widgets administration and use Update button on Widgets List page.
3. Let me know if something goes wrong

The plugin itself does nothing
Except it:
- creates friendly e107 environment for JavaScripts using Prototype/Scriptaculous duo or just stand-alone scripts.
- creates friendly e107 environment for PHP scripts.
- e107 v0.8 compatibility mod
- stores and handles all provided Widgets very similar to e107 Plugin Manager (install/uninstall/upgrade)

Q: Widget?!
A: Think of it as sub-plugin. Widgets has it's own functionality, administration area, shortcodes, bbcodes etc.

Q: Is there Developer documentation?!
A: Not yet but soon

Q: Is there User documentation?!
A: It's planned for the next release

Q: Is there any widgets I can use?!
A: At this time - only Lightview Widget, but LOT more are on the way! Just check out frequently the news/download sections of

v1.1.3 (JSLib updates + IE9 fixes)
- Prototype jslib updated to most recent 1.7 version
- ScriptAculoUS jslib updated to most recent 1.9 version

- more e-token fixes

- e-token fix required for e107 v0.7.23+

- MUCH more performance and speed - 304 header added for JS output
- better compression auto-detection (server and client) for JS output
- option to disable JS compression (administration) added
- option to clear server and browser JS cache added
- Prototype JS Framework v1.6.1 update
- Scriptaculous v1.8.3 update

- sendInfo JS function backward compatibility (supports GET AJAX queries now)
- wrong warning message when cache folder not writable

v1.0.3 RC4
- new (alpha) icons and icon sizes
- now supports 0.8 mod
- improved Widget update routine (2 parameters are now passed to the corresponding update callback - new version, old version)
- uploadfile shortcode minor improvement
- JS API corrections
- admin validator fixes
- minor fixes

v1.0.3 RC3
- Check for currently installed widgets requirements on plugin settings change added (0.8 compatible mod related - should prevent site fatal errors in the future)
- imagepicker SC - image dimensions fix
- new, more abstract validation class (will be used internal in preference validator in the next release)
- 'allow_compat_disable' widget method added
- auto-confirm message fix (core/admin.js)
- Tabs JS fixes (core/tabs.js)
- getTemplate widget method fix - sanitize & security
- plugin preferences override on upgrade fix
- validation result multi-language support added
- more minor bugfixes

v1.0.3 RC2
- PHP warning removed
- language correction (preference handler - validation)

v1.0.3 RC1
- e107 v0.8 compatible mod improvements
- 0.8 compatible stylesheet preference added (front-end)
- 0.8 compatible stylesheet preference added (back-end)
- Prototype Framework upgraded to v1.6.1 RC3
- Better widget install/upgrade/uninstall routine
- Preference validation handler added (widget helper)
- Widget auto_init method added
- number of minor improvements and bugfixes

v1.0.2 Beta
- (experimental) e107 v0.8 compatible mod added (JS API + number of 0.8 handlers)
- include_corejs, include_widgetjs, include_themejs, include_pluginjs methods added for easy adding of internal/external
JS libraries (in the next release adding JS to jslib will be possible)
- runtime_meta, runtime_js methods added (direct e_meta code injection)
- number of minor improvements and bugfixes
- Lightview Widget v1.0.2 (synchronize with core changes)

Initial release
Released:11 May 2012 : 12:51AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher