AACGC Item List v1.4

Description:Item List Plugin allows you to list items with name, details, image, external link, & price in different categories. Option to adjust font size and colors on ever page and section, option to adjust image size, categories per row, add header and intro to category page.

Added Dec. 22, 2009:
Option to create sub-categories
Option to adjust sub-category font size and color

Added Jan 14, 2010:
Latest Item Menu with options to set menu height and number of recent added items
Item Rating feature with option to enable item ratings

Added Feb 02, 2010:
Option to enable/disable image preview on Recent Item menu
If image preview link entered clicking Item name on menu will open preview link

Added Feb 05, 2010:
Random Item Menu
Option to show image preview on random menu
Option to adjust preview size on random menu
Option to show only items from certain category
Released:01 Mar 2010 : 12:50PM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher