WoWLinks v1.0

Description:WoWLinks is a plugin that adds two new bbcodes that will create either an item link with a tooltip or insert a stat block for World of Warcraft items on your site or in forum posts.

The information for the Items is pulled from thottbot.

I created this plugin since I was unhappy with the only other solution out there for doing this in E107 (ItemStats

The problem with item stats is it requires you to modify core E107 files in order for it to work and does not make it easy for a site admin to upgrade E107 and keep the functionality intact.

The idea and much of the code for this plugin was taken from ItemStats, I just modified it heavily to make it behave like a good little plugin.

What’s different from ItemStats?

The good things:
WoWLinks is a pure E107 plugin, you do not need to modify any files for it to work and it is easy to install uninstall.

It works. 

The not so good:

WoWLinks does not cache the item data, it will pull the information from thottbot every time a link is put in.

There is no support for other data sites (allakhazam, wowhead, etc.)

Right now the Item tooltips are purely done with css. A really long tooltip may flow off the bottom of the screen.

WoWLinks currently only supports usEN item names.
Released:04 Jun 2007 : 01:19AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher