User Style v1.2

Advanced Demo (premium theme)

This plugin includes additional stlyesheet (.css file) between ..of your site. It uses sessions or cookies (depends on your
e107 site preferences) to store the user\'s choice. This way all public users on your site can choose/change e.g. the color scheme of your site.
Furthermore if a user logs in and chooses a style, the user\'s choice will be saved in extended user field (shown on profile settings page - usersettings.php)
and will be used every time the user comes back. You can also choose (see below how) to switch between stylesheets without page reloading (js ajax).

However - this plugin will do NOTHING if the current theme don\'t support it. It\'s developed to be used from theme developers at first place.

Read plugin\'s readme for more detailed information

v1.1 fixed:
- Bad bug fixed (wrong path to stylesheet)

v1.1 changes:
- Administration options added
- activate/deactivate styles
- plugin permissions (visibility)
- default stylesheet (overrides corresponding theme option)

- User Style Links menu added
- New template shortocde added - STYLE_NAME
- IE6 bugfix - cache issues solved
- Stylesheets ordering implemented
- Lots of bugfixes and improvements

SonicE has created a web2 theme compatible with User style plugin. You can try/test the plugin and theme here - (\'Color Changer\' link). You can login with demo-demo if you wish to test how the plugin interacts with usersettings area. The example provided in this theme uses Prototype/Scriptaculous libraries for the window sliding effect. The theme will be published for free download after it\'s finished.
SonicE is preparing a tutorial about concepts of creating themes with User style from designer\'s point of view.
More advanced example is available here -

Theme Developers Guide
You\'ll find more info and some examples in the plugin\'s administration \'Readme\' section. I\'m planning to write a tutorial for advanced usage of User style plugin soon so if you feel an interest check frequently our article page on

License and Copyright
Corllete Lab\'s User Style (e107 plugin)
Copyright (C) 2007 Corllete (R) Lab - Corllete ltd.
Released:08 Nov 2007 : 07:41AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher