e107 Bridge For Coppermine 1.4.x v1.0

Description:by : http://sonic-world.ru

This plugin integrates Coppermine to e107.
Coppermine is a great freeware image gallery. See it in action at http://coppermine-gallery.net/

1) Make sure you running e107 0.7x
2) Download the latest Coppermine package from http://coppermine-gallery.net/ . This plugin is tested with 1.4.9 version of Coppermine, but it should work with every 1.4.x version (NOT 1.3.x or lower).
3) Upload all files into yoursite.com/anyfolderthatllbecoppermine/
This folder SHOULD be e107 subfolder. I suppose it's impossible to make coppermine and e107 working together if they're in separate folders. At least with intregrated theme.
4) Install Coppermine as standalone gallery according to Coppermine manual.
5) Extract archive into Coppermine root folder.
6) Make sure that "coppermine_folder/include/config.inc.php" is writable! Chmod this file with 0777.
7) Use yourwebsite.com/coppermine_folder/bridgemgr.php
Now enable bridging. Then start 'Bridging wizard', chouse ' your custom bridge file's name' and type 'e107' into textfield. Hit the 'next' button several times until installation is done.
Congratulations, now you have Coppermine integrated into e107
Use yourwebsite.com/coppermine_folder/admin.php to manage settings, try to set 'e107' theme as default one. Refer to Coppermine manual for details.

Note that no links are created automaticly! You'll have to use e107 ACP to add it. Use yoursite.com/e107_admin/links.php .
If you want to add additional administrators, create a COPPERMINE_ADMIN usergroup for them.

Persian e107 Support
Released:16 Aug 2008 : 08:59PM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher