Babe of the Day v1.1

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*** Version Updates ***
- Lightbox Support added

Was getting tired of the ugly girls from the other BOTD plugin (the one that uses the girls from STARE Magazine ... you only stare b/c those girls are, alot but not all, are freakin ugly), so i decided to create a new one based on BOTD. PORTED just for you guys !!!

Plugin features a new Babe everyday ... duh !
Sorry, but due to not having sole control of the content on the 3rd party website, I was not able to create special weeks as like in the Asian Babe of the Day plugin (i created HERE)


Installation Instructions:

-- Unzip to local machine
-- Delete the folder (DBD-BOTD) from the e107_plugins folder
-- Drop new (A3-BOTD) folder into your site folder (e107_plugins)
-- Enable plugin (A3-BOTD) through the MENUS in the admin section.
-- DONE !
Released:26 Jan 2010 : 11:53AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher