AACGC Expanding Bar v1.4

Description:AACGC Expanding Bar shows a floating bar at the bottom of your website that expands when a user clicks it. Has options to set bar title, content, and styles to control how the bar looks (uses your theme style.css for table class). Bar content area supports BBcode so you can post anything you want within the expanding area including images, videos, links, etc....

Once installed youmust activate the Expanding Bar menu for it to appear, this menu is automatically hidden when activated.

Added March 14th, 2011:
Language File added (users can now translate to other languages)
Option to adjust expanding height (for showing alot of content, now does scrolling layer for height set)

Added June 10th, 2012:
Option to show whats new on bar (requires core list plugin to be installed, uses list new menu settings to adjust items)
Fixed e_update file

Added July 4th, 2012:
Option to adjust bar location (top or bottom of site)
Option to adjust bar width
Option to adjust bar location from left edge of screen
Seperated admin pages, bar content now on full page layout by itself for adding large amount of content easier
Cleaned unused coding
Option to show login section
Option to show Private Message Section (require private message plugin)
Option to show who's online (members, guests, bots)
Option to show last seen
Option to show site stats
Option to enable gold orb support
Released:06 Oct 2012 : 03:46AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher