MP3 Player v1.0

Description:I've seen some MP3 players out there, but I have been using a different one on an ASP site. Using the ftb_mp3 menu files, (I reworked them to utilize this new player). (I'm an ASP guy, PHP I'm still copy/pasting) ...
I replaced the ftb_mp3 file with the ones in this zip.

This plugin is a menu add-on.

The menu will display a Play Music button.

Clicking Play Music will popup an awesome shockwave music player and read in a playlist.xml file. The shockwave player, I'm not familiar with - but pulls the cd album covers automatically.

The playlist.xml file is easy to hand create, but I have also included an EXE file to automatically create a playlist in the proper format.

The jewel of this system is that your mp3's can be placed any where or even on another site.

Before uploading the files, be sure to update the php and htm files with your website specifics. You can change the plugin directory if need be. Like I mentioned before, I used the ftb_mp3 plugin so I don't want you to overwrite something you might already have.
Released:05 Dec 2006 : 03:28AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher