AACGC Twitch Stream v1.1

Description:AACGC Twitch Stream allows users to enter their Twitch.tv username in their profiles and streams theirs live feeds within your site. Comes with menu that shows all listed members and their offline/online status, if online you can view their feed and details. ALso come with page that lists all users and status along with header detail section were you can put information of your choice.

*Requires extended user field "user_twitchname" that you must create in your admin extended user fields area!

Added October 9th, 2012:
Labels for stream details
Option to set max height for menu with scrolling layer
Option to show online / offline icon in forum posts
Option to show full stats and stream in profiles
Shows stream details on list page if online
Changed menu and page layouts
Username link to profiles
User list ordered by user name
Minor bug fixes
Released:10 Oct 2012 : 06:29PM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher