Tournaments v1.2

Description:This is a plug-in that can run a tournament on a flash game similar to those used in kroozearcade. You only have to upload the game and set up a tournament on it!


* A more flexible administration
* Javascript calendar for dates - DONE
* No GMT dates, just localized
* Menu to integrate with the plug-in - DONE
* Countdown - Partialy done
* Add support for Greek lang that temporarily i disabled

Changelog v1.2:

- Added javascript for dates in the tournament creation
- Changed the main page with countdowns
- Created the menu to integrate with this plug-in
- Solved incompatibility with dates/times. Now all works great with GMT
- Removed support for Greek language for the moment.

Changelog v1.1:

- Solved major problem with IE (instead of USERID post it to URL)
- Added German and Greek language
- Changed tha language selection so default (if site's language is not implemented) should be English
- Changed query at index.php in games folder so query does not use hardcoded e107 table prefix, MPREFIX used instead
Released:05 Mar 2007 : 09:27AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher