FancyZoom v1.1

Description:Spectacular picture visualizing effect. Express, accurate, easy, spectacular .
Additional Details
There are a few extra notes that you might find useful.

Want to add a caption? Add a title tag in your href. That's it!

FancyZoom will use the size of the first element in the href to determine the initial size and location of the zoom.

FancyZoom works best if you wrap your href around a thumbnail, but also works from text-only links to images.

FancyZoom will attach itself to any jpg, gif, png, bmp, or tiff link in your page.

If you're a Javascript hacker, FancyZoom's flexible fadeIn and fadeOut functions can be used for all sorts of fun stuff.

If you explicitly don't want an image to zoom, add a rel="nozoom" tag to your href.
Released:07 Oct 2008 : 12:03AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher