World Weatherfeed v1.0

Description:New Update: 3/4/2010: I was having issues with the feeds updating, so I finally got a chance to look at it and made a couple of simple mods to remedy that situation. The feeds all update now as scheduled, if anyone else was having that issue. I think the functions were conflicting with each other. Anyways, I made adjustments and the feeds update now like clockwork on all rss feeds. Sorry for any inconvenience, but I have been real busy lately. When things settle down more, look for some extra mods to these, more tailor made so to speak, and also some new ideas that I have. Good Day!
(Older)New Update: (I have fixed the links, i forgot to do this as I let my old site go and finally got a new one. Also, I am using this for news feed for now, but it works either way, news or weather!)A variation from the weatherfeed plugin I recently submitted. It doesn't take much to make the list too long so I added another one. Same as newsfeed 1.9, and same as weatherfeed original, with a few mods. I will be posting another one for extra newsfeeds soon. The site for information on getting the weather rss feeds is:
Released:07 Mar 2010 : 03:01PM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher