Advanced Ranking and Medal System v1.5

Description:With this Rank System you can assign ranks, medals and ribbons to users in a more automated way.

To make it understandable to your users how they got their ranks and what they can do to improve it, the system has been separated into different conditions:
Team play

Above list is just the default setting. Since v1.5 you can edit those or add your own custom conditions.

The Behavior criteria will be 0 by default and instead of positive points, it will give a user negative points (which can be used in case they don\'t behave or are giving trouble).

Each user can get points for these criteria and then the system will calculate which Rank this user will get (depending on the definitions of the ranks).

You are able to reserve certain ranks, meaning that they cannot be gained automatically (like the General ranks for example).
Other way around, you\'re also able to override the automatic system for specific users and give those a static rank.

Members can also be put on probation, into prison or be kicked through this system.

Ranks are separated into categories (most likely generals, officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers). You can assign user classes to each category. When a user gets a new rank and thereby entering a different category, the user class will automatically change.
You\'re able to restrict these categories to a required minimum age of the user (overridable for specific users)

Medals and Ribbons can be assigned either manually, or automatically when they reach a certain goal.
These goals (for example: 50 site visits, 100 forum posts, etc) can be easily configured yourself.
You can also integrate other plugins for these medal goals, by creating the file e_rank.php into the plugin folder.

The full package will come with some rank and ribbon images to start with, but you can easily design and use as many medals and ribbons as you like.

Further, you are able to assign bonus points to medals and ribbons. In this way the user may get a higher rank regardless his/her skills.

Members are able to submit a recommendation for other members. These recommendations can be for a raise on a specific rank skill, for a medal and as a complaint for a behavior penalty.

In combination with the Gold System, it\'s also possible to pay each member a rank related wage each week.

And finally, of course the user's rank and medals info is integrated into the user's profile (see first image), forum and due to generic shortcodes actually anywhere you want
Released:31 Jan 2010 : 11:27AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher