Tricked Out Alternate Profiles v1.2

Description:This is my First Edit. I do not claim any credit for creating this plugin. I only edited it to make it alittle better for everyone. This plugin is originally created by Boreded and his website is In this i will tell you the things i changed and such and what you need for this plugin. First off you need to download and install the fallowing plugin for this. The plugin is ( UserJournals 1.0 by bugrain ) If you dont have it you can messege me and ill send the zip file to you. The things i have changed: I gave each table inside the profile id classes. (meaning profiles are now 100% editable ) I moved the rate bar into the indent box I moved the add friend and pm buttons into the indent box On the heading of each section in each users profile the title now displays in text and inside an h4 box I moved the about me section about the users intrest area, tho in edit profile the about me area is still under intrest, but in your profile view it will display above your intrest I put the boreded banner into the spot were the user rate area was. ( this can be changed if you wish, i put it there so boreded can still claim his credit. ) At the begining of each h4 box above a members section on there profile view it now says USERS-NAME\'s Details, USER-NAMES Intrest / Info, and About USER-NAME. Ive added link into each users navagation section aswell The link below are the links ive added: Blog Forum Post News Comments (( HINT THATS WHY ITS BEST YA DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL UserJournals 1.0 by bugrain )) Ive tested these changes and am currently still using all of them on my website with no bugs and no errors in script. If you find any bugs i cant help you. for i did not creat this plugin, i only tricked it out. The css table class identities needed for editing your profile section using css are .featured .indent .userlinks .extrabox h4 body NOTE: to edit your profile using the css its best to do it using the Advanced Mode for editing your profile. NOTE2: also many have been reporting that the user mp3 players dont work. Well they do, if you are on a shared server most likely your server provider has a few settings set were these settings can effect your site finding and detecting the profile music player. It is not a bug. I really hope everyone enjoys the tweaks. If anyone has any request for more tweaks please comment and leave the request and when my next Tricked out Version of this comes out i will add it if suitable. Please leave feedback of what you think of the tweaks and such
Released:18 Aug 2008 : 12:01AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher