AACGC Clan Listing v2.5

Description:List clans and their info on your website in categories!

Great For Listing Your Clan Allies!

Added option to enable clan submissions
admin accespts clans that have been submitted
AACGC HelpDesk
Scrolling Menu With Options To Set Font Sizes and Colors, along with menu height
fixed table redering in some themes

Added Oct 1, 2009:
Option to enable/disable scrolling on menu
Option to show clans under categories on menu
Option for member to submit their clan (requires admin approval)
Reorganized menu layout for better viewing and theme compatiblity

Added Nov. 12, 2009:
Reorganized Admin Section
Edit Clan List now shows category and website link is clickable for easier checking
edit clan page now shows current clan category as main for easier editing

Added Feb 5th, 2011:
Categories now can have icons
Clan can now include clan tag on submission
Reorganized pages and menu for better layout
Added Clan detail pages
Added BBcode support for clan information section
Added option to make menu auto scroll or manuall scroll
Now shows clan tag with name on menu and list page
Options to adjust all font sizes (category font color option removed)
Submit button now hidden to guests if submission enabled
Reorganized submit form

Added Feb 13th, 2011:
Auto PM feature with option to chose user - sends out PM to chosen user for each submission
Option to allow owners to edit their clans info
Teamspeak IP & PORT section added
Fixed submit form being access when submissions disabled
Multi-Language support - first aacgc plugin with this feature! (admin area not control by language file yet, will be in next update, only main site areas)

Added Febuary 14th, 2010:
Option to manually order categories
Fixed edit category page errors
Fixed back link on clan edit page
Integrated into e107 search
Finished language file integration
Changed admin layout for clan edit page

Added March 15th, 2011:
Header option for clan category list page (BBcode supported)
Intro option for clan category list page (BBcode supported)
Fixed clan website link issue
Fixed settings page not displaying update message
Fixed plugin.php errors for fresh installs (Note: may recieve error on update[could not create/update DB tables] this will be normal on updating but not on fresh install, if you recieve this error on fresh install you may need to manually delete old tables thru myPHPadmin)

Added May 11th, 2012:
Fixed security exploits
Added SQL 5.5 support
Fixed admin create category issues
Fixed admin edit category issues
Released:06 Oct 2012 : 03:43AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher