ForumFocus v1.1

Description:The basic thought of this plugin is to place chosen threads from the forum in focus on the frontpage.
This is one of many ways to have user-created content that will result in less of a workload for crew member writing news or other content.

With user-created content you will have a win-win situation both for you, your admins along with the members.
Your site will have easy and lowcost quality controlled changes on the frontpage. And the users writing good content threads in your forum will be rewarded with being selected to be shown on the frontpage with some time in the spotlight.
This will also create a natural way for your visitors into your forum and hopefully becoming registered members.

Google and other searchengines will also see changes on your page more frequent and make higher rank for the site and the forumthreads you choose to put in focus.
Released:27 Jul 2007 : 01:33PM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher