AACGC Server List v3.1

Description:Complete rewrite with V2.9! You must uninstall and delete any previous version before uploading this one!

Changes / Fixes:
Changed and organized DB tables for plugin
Different folder & plugin name (was Gamer Server List now Just Server list because it supports voice servers as well)
Fixed many bugs including submit server placement errors
IP:PORT now together on add server page for easier adding of servers
Now shows banner for submitted servers so you can see if it's already registered with GT
Replaced all text links with images to keep from splitting text
All banners are clickable to Server Detail pages within your site
Added option to choose banner size for Server list menu and page
Added option to enable/disbale indented tables for detailed looks
Added option to adjust menu heights

Added September 22nd, 2010:
Auto PM function for server submissions with option to set user who recieves PM
Option to adjust category page and menu mini banner section heights (if mini banners enabled)
Adjusted Submit Form layout
Fixed users accessing the Submit Form when server submissions disabled
Fixed minor admin layout issues
Fixed server edit page not keeping server category
Added GSID Support: If used, will show graphs for each server on the server detail pages. Graphs include: Players Past 24 Hours, Players Past Week, Players Past Month, Server rank, & Favorite Maps Past Week. GSID required to show graphs but not required to list server, if no GSID entered for a server the graph section is hidden on it's detail page. Includes option to enable/disable each graph shown.

Works With TS2, TS3, and Ventrilo!

Added September 25th, 2010:
Header & Intro section on category cage
Header & Intro font adjustment settings
Dropdown game selection for submit form (list of categories created)
Option to set categories per row on page and menu
Option to set number of mini banners shown on category page & menu if enabled (order set to random if used)
Submit button now hidden to guests
Accept server button added to admin area for fast server adding with submitted servers.
Option to set number of banners per page
Options to show category and server total counts

New Menu Added: Server List Tall Scrolling
Shows tall banners with options to enable/disable banner contents (Player Graph, Top Players, Map)
Scrolls left/right and includes scrolling controls for direction change and 3 speeds (Fast, Normal, Slow) admin adjusts all 3 speed settings. Height & Width on scrolling menu automatically adjust to settings used.
Released:25 Sept 2010 : 08:27PM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher