Q Tree Menu v4.1

Description:Please note: The original author of this plugin is Rijk/Ridge (e107coders). I just added a couple of lines which solves the access denied issue with this plugin. All credits go the original author. I do not provide any support nor do I develop this plugin.


Q Tree Menu is an advanced dynamic menu plugin for e107. It is a JavaScript based menu, so extremely user-friendly.
You can create an unlimited level of submenu's (with e107's own link system), which makes it very easy to give your visitors a clear and immediate overview of the structure of your site.

Q Tree Menu has its own clear GUI for settings, so it is easy for the administrator to use, too. Every setting is accompanied by a brief explanation of the type of character that is expected, and what the setting does (see the attached screenshot).

To sum up:
- Dynamic (user-friendly) menu: submenu's open on mouse over
- Menu uses the links in the e107 database: plug and play
- Totally customizable: colors, fonts, effects, background images and even rollovers
- Both vertical and (first line) horizontal use possible
- Graphical admin interface
- Shitload of options

Have fun using Q Tree Menu!

In this version (v4.1)
* Bug fix for 'Access Denied' issue (by Moc)

In the main version (4.0):
* Fixed bug with transparency setting
* Fixed menu_var.php appearing in Online tracker
* Unlimited number of levels
+ Menu uses e107 user classes
+ Select link category (Main, Alt)
+ Active page highlighting
+ Link icons
+ Option to disable arrow images
- New default style
- Restyled admin area
Released:29 Mar 2011 : 08:33AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher