eBattlefield Stats v0.8

Description:Battlefield 2 stat feed leaderboard menu that will pull stat feeds from bf2s.com and online/offline status from game-monitor (game-monitor subscription required for online/offline status).

*** Upgrades are not supported in this release so please follow the instructions exactly ***
*** For large player lists, it's probably a good idea to copy pid/name combos out before uninstalling ***
1.)Uninstall any previous versions of eBattlefield Stats using the plugin manager. Choose options to delete both the tables and files
and manually clean up the files and tables if needed. This must be done BEFORE uploading v.8 into the e107_plugins directory.
2.)Upload the ebfstats_menu directory into the e107_plugins directory.
3.)Install ebfstats v.8 using the plugin manager.
4.)Configure the plugin before use.
5.)If you are going to use a game-monitor subscription (http://www.game-monitor.com), turn on the feature
in the plugin configuration area. There is no need to use the included buddy list if you are choosing this option.
6.)Before eBattlefield Stats will function, you MUST chmod 777 (writeable) the ebfstats_menu/cache/ and
ebfstats_menu/gm/gm_cache/ directories.

Changes for v0.8.1
-Fixed a php4 compatibility bug that only showed when using the builtin buddy list.

Changes for v0.8
-Added online/offline status for players (requires game-monitor subscription http://www.game-monitor.com)
-Added ability to use multiple buddy lists (max 6) when using a game-monitor subscription
-Added a link next to the players name when they are online which will allow you to join the game via Xfire (http://www.xfire.com)
-Reworked all of the javascript to better account for page size and mouse position
-All configuration now done in the admin UI including background, font, and border colors.
-Added ability to change the size of the rank images
-Added medium and large rank images
-All new images for most ranks (which finally don't look like crap)
-Added ability to change the links for expanded stats between bf2s.com and a local or remote install of MadHatter's bf2 stats plugin
-Added ability to change the menu title
-Fixed bug where the popup div was inheriting the "body" div's font-size which
caused it to look out of place on some sites
-Fixed some of the issues related to Opera

Known Bugs:
-Certain core themes have issues with the javascript mouse positioning that I haven't been
able to nail down a cause for. You can still use the plugin with these themes but I can
only reccommend that you locate the plugin on the right hand side of the page with another menu
providing a buffer between the ebfstats plugin and the top of the right column. Please, Please,
Please... If you find out what's causing this, stop by at www.geeksunitednw.com and let me know.
Luckily this does not affect any of the third party Battlefield 2 or Americas army themes that I've

-Stop by http://www.geeksunitednw.com and ask in the forums(prefered method) or pm =GUN=Bacon
Released:09 Jul 2006 : 07:14pm
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher