Gallery2 for e107 v6.0

Description:The Gallery2 plugin allows you to embed your Gallery2 installation inside of e107. The plugin acts as a bridge between the two applications, syncing your e107 uers with the G2 users, requireing a single login for both applications. Plugin includes both a recent photos menu, and a random photos menu.

Gallery2 is a full featured photo album organizer. Some of its many powerful features include: batch uploading, resizing, rotating of images, commenting, item ratings, support for multiple media types (including flash and movies), watermarking, a gallerywide slideshow and support for various printing services (shutterfly, for example).

You need at least Gallery2.1 for this Plugin !! See for latest G2 information.

To Install:
- First install G2 to your server. Follow the installation instructions in the G2 package. Once you have verified that your G2 install is working correctly, install the Gallery2 e107 plugin like a normal e107 plugin.
- Configure your Gallery2 plugin via the admin interface in your e107 admin. See below for more information on config settings
- You will want to login to your G2 admin account and set your e107 user up as a Gallery2 admin so you can configure your G2 install from e107
- e107 group memberships are not taken into account by the Gallery, so you will need to configure any group membership from within the G2 install.

Note: Gallery users are created when a new e107 users is created via the sign-up registration process. For e107 users which already exist prior to the Gallery2 plugin install, a Gallery2 user is created when e107 userschanges their profile settings, or first view the Gallery while logged in.

If you would prefer to skip the whole user integration, you can choose to have all e107 users view the Gallery as guests. This option can be selected in the Gallery2 Plugin admin page via the e107 admin area.

Plugin Support

For support, please use the forums located at:


Many thanks to the contributions from Garbor, Rik,ZeBlob and Ralph
Released:29 Dec 2008 : 04:15PM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher