Live Ticker / Short News System v1.2

Description:This is my first release on but I develope plugins for this system since a longer time.

Today I decided to present you this plugin which I called &ticker& 'cause you can handle it like a ticker as well as like a system with which you can post shortnews.

Plugin details:

Just a few facts and features:
- The plugin has an own theme 'cause the traffic of the auto-reload-feature.
- Auto-Reload: If you post interesting news in a short time (like a ticker) an user maybe won't reload the page regulary so the plugin will do for a good &whats coming?&-feeling.
- The plugin is optimized for the iPhone / iPod touch. So it will pick persons which are on this kind of devices and redirect them. I think the iPhone.php will work with mobile phones as well but I doesn't know.
- An admin-mode to edit / delete / reset entries. Admins will see entries which are deleted (set as inactive, to have not to say deleted).
- A single-view for saying "My post is an answer to...".
- You can start / reopen / close ticks by using the admin-panel (not the admin mode, they're not the same).
- The persons which are allowed to post have the ability to use HTML, BB-Codes, Smilies and all the other stuff from the main-page 'cause the plugin does not check the stuff which is inserted, admins should be intelligent enough not to make nonsense otherwise they shouldn't be admins.
- A feature which makes me proud: If you want, the plugin can start a new ticker every day which is named by date and name of the day.

To the screenshot:
Sorry, the picture is German, 'cause this is my language . English language files are included as well, don't worry. And my name is just red, 'cause I little &hacked& the core at my site . It's not part of the plugin's way to display the site.
The textarea is just as big as you see 'cause an admin may wants to post more without scrolling and the textarea is just seen by admins, not by the &normal& user, so it can be bigger, can't it?

If you have other wishes or want to give me a feedback please feel free to contact me by using the private message feature of this site or by using the email noticed in the plugin's info!

Bugs you can send me as well, but maybe they're hidden features and no bugs .

Enjoy it!

Changes in version 1.1:

- Now the admins of the plugin can decide which userclass is allowed to open, close and rename a ticker as well to post. Only give ticker-admins the full permissions is still possible.
- The admin area which gives the possibilities to open, rename and close a ticker is not longer in the sites main admin area.

Changes in version 1.2:

- A bug got fixed.
Released:04 Dec 2009 : 06:25AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher