Skype Center v2.0

Description:e107 website system - Skype Center v2.02

code adapted from: original Joomla module "SkypeCenter V2.2"
by Heiko Philippski (

Originally made by: Manfred Zink 2005

Released under the terms and conditions of the
GNU General Public License (

Modified by: 4TEAMSPEAK.NL

Revision: 2.02
Date: 2007/11/23

Changelog 2.02

- No adverts anymore for all languages
- Broken download link fixed
- International download link fixed
- Check Skype Javascript updated
- Check Skype Status fixed
- Simple edit Skype status button(s) at skypecenter_menu.php (line 47)


1. Extract and upload skypecenter_menu
2. Go to Admin Area > Plugins > Skype Center Install
3. Configure or click the blue Skype button
4. Title: Menu Title
Skype ID: Spype username
Menustyle: icons/dropdown menu
Alignment: Center/left/Right (default = Center)
Status: Check Online Status
Refresh; Refresh time
Download-But: Button to download Skype
5. Update Settings
6. Go to Content > Menus, select skypecenter and place it somewhere at you website.

Additional Options

To change your Online Status button to other image go to skypecenter_menu.php (/e107_plugins/skypecenter_menu/)
Check the readme.pdf for more information.
Released:28 Nov 2007 : 02:13PM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher