JavaScript Helpers v0.3

Description:A collection of various JavaScript libraries for use by other plugins.

This plugin collects together various JavaScript libraries and extensions. The core of these libraries are the Prototype framework and the library. The extensions mainly rely on at least Prototype.

Other inclusions:
Cookie Jar

Initially, this plugin is offered to other plugin and theme writers who want to include JavaScript in their own work and to see if this plugin suits them - feedback is positively encouraged.

It's early days to see how this will develop, but the idea is that each plugin/theme writer will not need to include all the JavaScript libraries that they are using, they can simply reference the files included here.

There is some information on the e107 wiki (see link from the admin area of this plugin) about how to use this plugin, and of course you can use my own forum.

For information, I've been using this plugin for a few months as it has slowly developed in to something releasable as a beta version. It is also in use at and
Released:20 Nov 2008 : 02:14PM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher