Counter Strike:Source Stats Reader v0.4

Description:This plugin was created to display Counter Strike:Source Stats on your e107 site. Counter Strike:Source Stats Reader will display stats for each player on your server and shows top player for kills,headshots ,team kills, and much more.

You will need:
e107Helper by bugrain (http:// news.php)
Mani' s Admin Plugin by Mani (http:// www.mani-admin-
Counter Strike:Source the game (http:// storefront.stea
*Make sure you get the latest versions*

Plug in Features:
Keeps stats of each player
Players stats saved to database for faster load times
Player stats still saved in database even if Mani's Admin Plugin deletes them
Shows player with most kills,most head shots, most team kills, and much more
Plugin uses template and shortcodes, if you make a template let me know and I will add it
Much More

Update Instructions:
Just upload new files

Make sure you read the readme before posting questions on my site.
Released:29 May 2007 : 06:14AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher