User language2 Menu v1.1

Description:This is an upgraded copy of the core menu called "user_language_menu".

Added the possibility to use Flags or the classical dropdown menu.
Added the rendering into a menu or "echo"

Added in bonus the google_translate_menu coded by yours trully, you can toggle it off anytime.

You may configure the menu by activating it and selecting "configure" in it's dropdown menu (found in Admin / Menus)

If your language doesn't have it's flag image, just add it in the flags directory in png format.
Exemple: the flag image for the French language MUST be named French.png
ps. don't forget to send me a copy of this image so that I can add it to the plugin

As usual, please leave your request, suggestions, bug report on my site
Released:12 Feb 2007 : 09:21AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher