Reputation v1.1

Description:This is a Reputation system plugin for e107.
Much like the one in vBulletin!

Added in version 1.1
- Parts of the codes is totaly rewrited
- Shortcodes fixed and more effecttive and simple
- New images and removed unused images
- More Admin powers (Can add and remove reputation)
- Users can now give more reputation than 1, more information in Admin Configurations!
- Fixed known bugs, like Give Reputaions width and height

What is this?
It uses e_meta to create buttons and images on this pages: download.php, user.php, view_forumtopic.php, comment.php
And on all this pages, you can view and give reputation to users, in this way you can find a person good or bad, by looking how much reputation he got.
This reputation may be found in a list, if enabled or under his name in all the pages listed over. You may also give reputation from all this pages.
When you get more reputatin, you may get a title. When you got 2500, you are "GOD". Ive uses my phpmyadmin to give myself 2913 reputation. When i listed this on the list page, i found it a bit laggy, but who cares? It worked well.. Reputation may be useless to people, but if a user got 400-500 rep, you know he is respected by the people!

Want something more into this plugin? Post in the forums! I will help you if possible! (Or even update the plugin!?)
Released:05 Feb 2010 : 02:34PM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher