AutoViewer v0.1

Description:This is a simple XML Flash gallery where you can upload and use your pictures.

* AutoViewer Autor: Airtight Interactive.
Adapted for e107 by The_Death_Raw:

Options available:
- Change the name of the autoviewer.php page.
- You can modify the name of the XML file if u got more than one gallery.
- Change the background color of the galerie.
- Change the height.
- Change the width.
- Change the metas: description and keywords of the page autoviewer.php.
- Choose if you want to show a text under the gallery and if yes his color.

Compatible FireFox 2.0, FireFox 3 and Internet Explorer 7

* This release contain English and French languages
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Released:23 Nov 2008 : 04:23PM
Author:The Death Raw
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher