AACGC Battle System Addon v1.2

Description:AACGC's RPG and PVP Battle System is a Multi-Website Worldwide Joint battle mod for E107 that joins all websites that use the AACGC Battle Addon Plugin and allows their users to register and play the RPG and PVP battle system with many other players all over the world. The RPG and PVP battle system is based on the old legendary BBS game Called "Legend of the Red Dragon" by Seth Able. The Game has been rewriten in PHP for web browsers and is now called "Legend of the Green Dragon". The Battle System also allows Clan registration so your can can be reconzied as a group.

The AACGC Battle Server and E107 Battle Addon Plugin should run fine on any website! Also the Battle system is controlled and ran on AACGC's secondary server so you don't have to worry about the Battle system slowing your site down or running up your website bandwith!

Custom Page for accsing the Battle System with link added to menu.
Option to name Battle Page
Option to set page height (scrolls if page exceed set value)
Option to show user stats link in forums (must add extnded user fields user_battleid and user_battlename)
User stat link in forums brings up a pop-up page with details of that users primary character
Users can have up to 3 characters (1 primary, 2 secondary)
Once user has registered with the battle system they can login to the battle system on any website that has it installed

*DOES NOT USE E107 USER LOGINS! Each user must register at the battle page if they want to participate*
Released:09 Sept 2009 : 02:20PM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher